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Housing and Residential Education

Housing & Residential Education (HRE) creates an engaging community where students live, learn, and thrive. We develop a sense of belonging, provide opportunities for personal growth, and foster a safe and supportive environment. Our team aims to make the University of Utah feel like home. Owned and operated by The University of Utah, this office serves over 4,500 students in different buildings.

Close proximity to the main campus, public transportation, and downtown Salt Lake City are just a few reasons our location is ideal. Living on campus puts you at the base of the beautiful Red Butte Canyon, home to hiking, biking, and running trails. Whether you are seeking an apartment or residence hall-style space, HRE has a variety of spaces for you to choose from both at the base of Red Butte Canyon and the surrounding Salt Lake and Downtown areas. The student experience while living on campus with Housing & Residential Education is cultivated through a residential curriculum framework. The Residential Learning Model centers on four main goals: collegiate success, a culture of belonging, civic engagement, and personal development. HRE spaces are furnished, and utilities, cable television, and high-speed internet are included in the rental rates. Learn how to apply, rates, and housing eligibility on

Sunnyside Apartments

If you are an undergraduate student with a spouse/domestic partner or a single parent, you can apply to live at Sunnyside Apartments Cedar and Cottonwood properties.

Sunnyside Apartments is committed to making the residential experience an important part of the total university experience. The University of Utah family housing program is one of the largest of its kind in the country and accommodates students from all over the world. Our apartment community fosters individual lifestyles and educational opportunities within a framework of responsible freedom. Residents enjoy children's programs, cultural activities and individual participation in community affairs.

Unfurnished 1 Bedroom, 2 Bedroom, and 3 Bedroom apartments in the East and West Villages are primarily intended for students and their families. Applications are now open for the new Cottonwood Family Apartments due to open in August, 2023. The original Cedar buildings are grouped into “courts” designed around open space and playgrounds.

Flexible lease options, comfortable, modern and clean environment within close proximity to your classrooms, labs and transportation will make your life easier while you pursue your degree. Utilities, high speed internet, cable television, laundry, study space, playgrounds, and reservable community space will be included in your monthly rent.

Off-Campus Housing

The listing of rental units on this site is solely provided as a convenience to University of Utah students, faculty and staff. 

The rental properties' owners are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately. The University and Off Campus Partners (OCP) do not review or verify such information for fairness or accuracy. The University and OCP cannot and do not guarantee or vouch for the fairness or accuracy of the information provided. This website does not establish or reflect any partnership, joint venture, or similar relationship between the University of Utah and Off Campus Partners. The University of Utah and Off Campus Partners specifically disclaim any such relationship. Learn more here.